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MG Developer Miami is integrated by a team with a wealth of experience in the realm of luxury residential properties in premier communities in the United States and abroad. Since 2010,  entrepreneur Alirio Torrealba, has distinguished himself with the development of luxury residential projects in the most exclusive areas of Coral Gables. He has also brought his innovative approach and commitment to quality to top brands across several markets.


To create a property of true architectural distinction, Torrealba retained the talent of the best architectural team in classic and  contemporary design for the needs of all our developments.


MG Developer specialization in the Coral Gables Mediterranean style of building, will ensure that all of our projects fits into the historic urban context and character of the city while also establishing a sense of modernity.


MG Developer also benefits from the expertise of other great contractors that bring leadership in architecture, engineering  planning and construction in the United States.


Also we bring to the table, great expertise in the implementation of successful marketing and communication activities sets them apart within the local real estate market.

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balboa plaza

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is conceived as a social sculpture, a place of encounters and a stage for everyday life and stories to unfold. The project is located at Balboa Plaza which is punctuated by a beautiful, large banyan tree.


The appearance of the oversized piece is sudden and wondrous, at once real and fantastic, familiar and unprecedented; a slice of domesticity in a public park. The long sofa invites us to conversation, a moment of repose or to wait for a friend. Together with the two lamps we are reminded of home.


The Outdoor Room dissolves the boundaries between fiction and reality. Between art and life it promotes a sense of personal ownership in the public realm. The domestic, iconic imagery becomes part of our collective imaginary and offers a home for the recollection of shared experiences.

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MG Developer is a developer in the Miami area, based in Coral Gables and responsible for the development of the Biltmore Square.

Visionary Leadership


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